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Sprinkled with historic places and innovative new tech and creative spaces, Detroit is bubbling with a serious-yet-fun, do-it-yourself, entrepreneurial spirit. Vacant lots once forgotten are being repurposed as parks, community gardens and urban farms. The Detroit RiverWalk welcomes you to partake in the city’s international riverfront shared with Windsor, Canada. Here, walking paths, parks, cafes and even a carousel line the riverbank’s U.S. side.

Independent retailers and entertainment options – both affordable and diverse – are popping up everywhere. The city not only seems more accessible and open, it is, inviting you to explore by foot or enjoy one of the city’s easy and economical transportation options, including downtown’s light-rail Detroit People Mover.

While much is changing in the city, some things remain constant and true. Detroit is still the quintessential manufacturing town, home to Henry Ford, the first Model T car and the modern-day assembly line, which can all be explored when you visit The Henry Ford, one of America’s greatest history attractions. The city is also the owner of the Motown sound and the spot where techno first erupted on the scene. The Motown Historical Museum, the actual home where Motown was born, is on Detroit’s West Grand Boulevard. A host of world-recognized musical festivals and events take place every year in the area, attracting celebrated artists from a variety of genres. You can choose from globally relevant jazz sessions, gospel revivals and orchestral symphonies with Grammy Award-winning composers; kicking country hoedowns with reigning Nashville-born stars; and three-day outdoor techno parties with the most progressive musicians and DJs versed in the electronic sound.

The city is also headquarters to one of the nation’s largest theater districts, offering up thousands of seats and a mixed menu of comedy, drama and dance performances throughout the year.

Shopping part of your getaway plans? Downtown and the concentrated area of Midtown will satisfy your need for the unique. Outside the city, you’ll discover many downtown shopping districts, premium outlet centers, recognized retail supercenters mega malls and upscale collections that feature hundreds of brand name and bargain retailers from Apple and Coach to Gucci and big-box stores for a wide variety of electronics.

Yes, Detroit has a storied past. But today, it is a city in the now, on the upturn. And you’ll feel it – that optimism, openness and liveliness – when you walk the streets, visit cultural centers, go to professional sporting events and meet the diverse collection of people living, working and playing in Detroit.

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