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A view of London, where Brand USA Travel Week will be held in 2019
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Brand USA Travel Week FAQs


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General Questions



What is the total number of participants for this event?


At this time we do not have a final count of participants. In order to assure quality meetings, we are attempting to maintain a 60:40 ratio of buyers to exhibitors.


How did you determine the ratio of buyers and exhibitors?


After careful consideration, Brand USA believes the 60:40 ratio results in the most optimal quantity of meetings for exhibitors, while still assuring quality buyers.


What do you mean by enrichment?


Our intent is to provide both buyers and exhibitors opportunities to hear from experts on anything from best practices in business to personal growth. The speakers will be exciting, engaging, and bring new themes to the travel space.


Will Brand USA Travel Week take place in 2020?


Yes. Exact dates and location to be announced.


Does Brand USA Travel Week replace other trade shows?


Brand USA Travel Week is not in any way a trade show; however, we have no intention on replacing shows such as WTM London or ITB Berlin. We will continue participating in these shows.


Does Brand USA still intend on supporting IPW?


IPW is and always will be the one opportunity where the world comes to America; and as such, will always be an essential part of Brand USA’s marketing effort.


How does the appointment scheduling work?


After buyer registration closes on July 31, 2019, all attendees will be invited to create their online profile on the bespoke appointment system. Once all profiles are complete, you will have access to the full list of supplier and buyer profiles so that you can select who you would like to meet with, as well as monitor which companies have selected you.

The match-making system works by asking you to rank your preferences from highest to lowest. A mutual selection will increase the probability of a diary appointment being generated. There is also the option to block certain companies that you would prefer not to meet with.

Once submitted, the system will run the match-making process and produce your provisional schedule, which you will be able to view online, download as a PDF and/or print. There will be the opportunity to go online again to personally refine your appointments, fill any gaps, and message attendees to arrange additional meetings.


Who do I contact at Brand USA for more information?


For further information, please contact [email protected].

Supplier Questions



What is the cost for exhibitors to attend Brand USA Travel Week and what does it include?


The cost to attend is $4,950 per delegate, which allows you to participate in all aspects of Brand USA Travel Week. This includes one table at the B2B sessions, participation in the enrichment series, evening events, and the opening event on the Monday evening. A maximum of one additional delegate may register per table. The cost for the additional delegate is $1,000.

Refreshments and meals will be provided to exhibitors during the hosted meetings and events.

Hotel accommodation and airfare are not included in the cost.


Is accommodation included for exhibitors?


Hotel accommodation is not included in the cost to exhibit. Information on hotel blocks are available on the exhibitor registration site.


Can a destination’s partners/members attend this event?


Yes, we encourage your partners to participate. However, there will be a limit of two people per table and we recommend that those two people be from the same organization. This will encourage more focused and meaningful appointments. Your partners are also encouraged to fill out the registration form if they would like their own table.


Where are the buyers recruited from?


The hosted buyers will be pre-qualified by Brand USA to ensure they meet specific criteria. They will be recruited from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom.

We have chosen these markets based on where we have representation and where our partners will gain the most value.

Buyer Questions



What is the cost for buyers to attend Brand USA Travel Week and what does it include?


All non-UK based buyers will be hosted with travel and hotel accommodation provided. This will be managed and booked by the event organizers. Brand USA will not cover the travel and lodging costs for UK-based buyers, though may consider exceptions for those not based in London/South East England and who have a journey over 3 hours by car or train. Preference will be given to those who attend the two- or three-day program.

Attendees will be accommodated in a central London hotel near the venue. Further information will be distributed to those accepted as attendees well in advance of Brand USA Travel Week.

Pre-scheduled appointments as well as access to the Enrichment Series and evening events are included on the day(s) of attendance. Buyers attending on Tuesday are invited to attend the Monday evening opening event (subject to availability).

Refreshments and meals will be provided to buyers during the hosted meetings and events.


Are there different attendance options for buyers?


Hosted buyers can select a two- or three-day program, but it is most beneficial to attend all three days. Non-hosted buyers can attend for either one, two, or three days. Again, to gain the most benefits from Brand USA Travel Week it is encouraged to attend all three days.